#ColoursOfSummer Botanik Live - with Unscripted

Music from a leading band in the industry, culinary relishes so gastronomic that it’s earned the ‘Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar’ repute and stunning views of the city from one of the highest rooftop bars in Colombo? ‘#ColoursOfSummer Botanik Live - with Unscripted’ is exactly what it sounds like: delightful eves filled with fun, music and laughter where you can catch up with a friend over a scrumptious dish of culinary cravings or raise a toast to the good life with everything you need right here, in the heart of the city.

Why You Should Go

Now who wouldn’t want a little pick-me-up after work? Here at this event in Colombo, shot glasses clink, soulful music rolls in and the surrounding city lights wink into the night as you settle back to while away the hours in great company. Musical classics of Funk, Soul, Jazz and R ‘n’ B? All this and more from the ‘Unscripted’ band’s repertoire as they storm the stage in performance of their latest and greatest hits. A 5-piece band where each artist comes from different musical backgrounds, crafting music so enthrallingly unique and spontaneous that one can only describe it as ‘unscripted’. Happy Hour is in from 5.30pm to 7.30pm - make the most of attractive cocktail and bottle deals and keep those daze-dressed glasses coming all night!

General Information

  • ‘#ColoursOfSummer Botanik Live - with Unscripted’ will take place on 3 days spanning across July and August, all of which will be entrance free except for the event on July 26th, 2019 which will have a cover charge doubling as an entrance fee of LKR 1,000.
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Event info

Jul 26, 2019
Aug 10, 2019
Aug 28, 2019


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