Cinnamon Future of Tourism 2019

The September Edition of the ‘Cinnamon Future of Tourism Summit’ will see some of the most honoured and globally renowned Destination Marketers the world over, take their seat at the panel to discuss how best to revive and position Sri Lanka as the best place for travel.

The 2019 speakers at the ‘Cinnamon Future of Tourism Summit’ include Richard Quest, CNN’s Lead International Business Correspondent; Anita Mendiratta, Special Advisor to the Secretary General, UNWTO and Damian Cook, Founder and CEO of ‘E-Tourism Frontiers’.

In light of the devastating events of 21/4 and the resounding impact it has had on the tourism industry as a whole, it is vital now, more than ever, to set in motion effective strategies and protocols that will not stump the nation’s growth but will help manage and overcome varied crises. This crucial know-how should be given to the Hospitality Brands and Destination Marketers that frontline the hospitality trade. And it is for this purpose that global experts, who’ve had first-hand experience in driving sustainable growth, share in their insights and their journeys through some of the most challenging industrial times.

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