Cinnamon Culinary Camp 2019

Introducing the little ones to the world of culinary arts - with a twist. The ‘Cinnamon Culinary Camp 2019’ offers a complete revolutionary walkthrough of the basics and beyond of cooking and culinary crafting, not to mention invaluable knowledge on the wholesome ritual of certain vital food practices. Immerse your child in a behind-the-scenes look at the craft, designed to instill and invoke a lifelong passion for the arts while tapping into their potential as an aspiring culinary connoisseur or simply an individual who loves to cook.

Why You Should Go

Three whole days, filled from the event’s start to end, with exhilarating activities, introducing the children to a skill and essential aspect of life which will prove undeniably useful for the future. This cooking camp in Sri Lanka springs forth a line-up of exciting features and activities; from educational sessions on table etiquette and kitchen utensils to grocery runs and cooking sessions at the ‘Nuga Gama Restaurant’. Team-building activities aim to build up social and interactive skills with peers. Culinary workshops introduce culinary traditions and cultures from across the world; here, the children will specialize in Italian and Chinese cuisine while also learning how to make mix different culinary styles to craft up fusion meals. A Baking Boot Camp rings in the wonders of baking all those mouth-watering favourites, followed by a cake decorating challenge for those who love the art of décor.

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Children Between the Ages of 7 and 13
LKR 1,500

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Food and Drink

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