Christmas 2018 in Sri Lanka

Your round-up of 2018 Christmas events and feasts in Sri Lanka.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, crooned Johnny Mathis and it is, indeed, that time of year when timeless Christmas décor is whipped out and a host of joyous festivities work their way into your schedule. In commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the universally celebrated festival is observed on December 25th and rings in a host of Christmas events commencing from November. Sri Lanka, being no different from the rest of the world, has her own plethora of diverse, tropical festivities especially in the commercial hub of Colombo.

As the city dresses up in decoration, malls and hotels spring forth the festive cheer and Christmas events line-up to entice a diversity of taste and expectation. Colombo indeed stays true to the spirit of giving, which is associated with the season through the multiple media, corporate and institutional initiatives directed at the less privileged.

Carol services, shopping fiestas, festive feasts, charity programs, live media broadcasts, competitions are in no short supply during the season. As a result, here’s a compilation on everything on Christmas in Sri Lanka, ensuring your Christmas is brimming with the best Sri Lanka has to offer.

Interesting Facts

  • Preparation for the festival commences months prior, in order to make the best of the anticipated event. People save up from the start of October, in order to partake in shopping festivals and scour through the tropical offerings in search of where to spend Christmas in Sri Lanka.
  • As per belief, the festival was first introduced to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese who colonised the country from 1505-1615, followed by the Dutch and British, who held the reigns after.
  • The celebration is not limited to Christians: people from all faiths partake in Christmas dinner dances or delightful parties thrown by Christian friends or relatives.
  • One of the many highlights of the Christmas day is the mouth-watering spread, consisting of traditional Christmas meals, which include stuffed turkey, Christmas cake and delectable pies.
  • The Cypress tree is used as a Christmas tree in Sri Lanka and was introduced to the hill country of the Isle by the British in, what it was believed to be, the year 1880. The ‘Hakgala Botanical Gardens’ has some of the oldest Cypress trees.
  • The term ‘Christmas’ could be interpreted as ‘Christ’s Mass’.
  • An annual Christmas tradition, which traces its roots back to the 1800s is the Christmas carol service. One of the earliest carol services was the ‘Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols’ that took place in 1880.
  • Come twilight on Christmas day, observers of the faith gather at churches across the Paradise Island for ‘Midnight Mass’; a tradition no different from the rest of the world.
  • It is believed that many of the Christmas traditions observed in Sri Lanka originated from Queen Victoria’s partner, Prince Albert, who brought the idea of putting up Christmas trees and traditional décor from his homeland Germany.
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