CHE Summit 2019

Positioned as a corporate ground on which leading experts and professionals discuss the future of adventure-based training; ‘CHE Summit 2019’ is marked as one of the conferences in Sri Lanka that focuses on Next Generation corporate team-building.

‘CHE Summit 2019’ draws in 8 training experts and speakers, local and international; the dignitaries will speak on the significance of behavioural skill training and team-building activities using experiential education methodology. The conference will see the launch of an advanced HRIS Tool, designed for quantifiable assessment of outbound training. Participants will engage in ice-breakers and group activities and be entitled to 25 outbound training packages and giveaways.

Bring about positive corporate change; in creating better inter-personal co-working relationships within the team, discovering strength in numbers and behavioural adaptation to constantly evolving environments. 10% of profit from every business generated from the Summit will be donated to select charities and institutions.

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