Cause Love Fundraiser

Taking place amidst the beautiful gardens of ‘The Sooriya Village’ is the ‘Cause Love Fundraiser’, an Open Mic, a Dance Workshop and Pop-Up Market in one, in aid of the little ones who’ve been set on the waiting list for liver transplants. The ‘Cause Love’ project was birthed by a group of non-profit humanitarians, following one of the member’s hunt for funds to secure a liver transplant for her own parent.

An open invitation to all singers, budding and professional, to step behind the mic and sing their heart out! Donate to the worthy cause and showcase your artistic prowess on ‘The Sooriya Village’ stage. Conducted by a well-versed field veteran will be a Dance workshop, where students will learn the art of traditional and contemporary styles. The Pop-Up stalls teem with local entrepreneurial talent, offering up everything from jewellery and accessories to customized gift boxes and handmade toys. A single purchase made would not only contribute to the funding of the children’s liver transplants but would additionally support the local entrepreneurial community. Head over to the streets of Colombo 5 and play your part!

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Sep 21, 2019


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