Brand Building Through Consumer Insights

In a world where industrial change is not only a given but is capitalized on and sales equal customer satisfaction, it is of immense importance that one places consumers’ insights, current trends and industrial advances at the forefront when shaping one’s brand, in order to remain one step ahead of the competition. In line with this, the market research and consultancy entity ‘Sparkwinn’ plays host to a one-day workshop on positioning a brand that stands out in a dynamic business environment.

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A workshop on strategic brand advancement for those in Marketing, Branding and Product Development as well as Business Analysts and Entrepreneurs. Three distinguished industrial figures draw on their years of extensive experience in the field: Suthaharan Peramapalam, Director of Consumer Insights at ‘Sparkwinn Research’, Sakunthala Lanka Geeganage, Director of ‘Agasti Marketing Solutions’ and Dilushan Dahanayake, Consumer Insights Specialist.

Spoken of will be the importance of understanding the consumers and market, evaluating market potential, being on par with and beyond the competition and observing the brand through the eyes of a consumer. The workshop will further delve into aligning research techniques with budgetary restraints, the creation of a research brief for a corporate, developing a marketing strategy based on research and communication and the reporting of brand and marketing insights within the corporate body.

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