Blood Donation at Kandy General Hospital

Step through the doors of the ‘Kandy General Hospital’, which is home to those ailing, from the patient who’s halfway through to recovery to the diagnosed whose future yet hangs in balance. Come April 12th, its doors stand open for the community's small-scale contribution to an issue of crucial value and urgency; the donation of blood, irrespective of type, in a bid to build up their in-house blood bank, available at any time for any patient in need. Hosted by an organisation dedicated to the facilitation and improvement of communal wellbeing, 'Kandy '98', this blood donation initiative is an open invitation for all those who wish to play their role in an invaluable cause.

Why You Should Go

Falling on the very day before the 'Sinhala and Tamil New Year', the event strongholds a mandate to provide those in desperate need of blood donors, a second chance at life, at the commencement of a new year. Forming less than 10% of one's overall blood flow, a pint of blood extends so far as to build up not only 1, but 3 lives; a turning point for names penned down on lengthy waiting lists for blood, for it signifies the vast difference a single donation generally achieves. Make your way over to the 'Kandy General Hospital', for a mere 15 minutes, within which hundreds of lives could be saved and the medical conditions of those in treatment vastly improves with simply a few pints of blood generously donated.

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