Arsikland! The Musical

Of the hand that flew across the scripts of ‘Freddy’ and ‘Julius Caeser’, Feroze Kamardeen is no stranger to the flourishing world of playwright and theatre. Waltz into the hallowed halls of the ‘Lionel Wendt Art Theatre’, cheerfully dubbed the ‘H.G.H.E. Chaminda Pusswedilla Nashnel Theatre’ for the return of one of his most anticipated theatrical pieces; of the stage play ‘Pusswedilla’ origin, the musical, ‘Arsikland’.

What’s the story behind this comedy in Colombo’, you say? Here’s a peek at what’s promised.

Why You Should Go

Once a faint snippet of an idea etched into the back of Feroze’s mind, the comedy ‘Pusswedilla’ has seen the birth of ‘Arsikland’ a fictional banana republic, spring to life under the lights and curtain fronts of Sri Lankan stages. Set in the scapes of the isle, this comedy in Colombo plays out a parody of Sri Lankan political happenings, swinging between the everyday issues and questions poised and bathing it all in a sheen of good old-fashioned, uproarious humour. Of course, just like every ‘Pusswedilla’ edition harbours highlights of their own, ‘Arsikland! The Musical’ doesn’t disappoint; indulge in a musical take on a comedy now proven timeless, a tale of politics, satire and rib-tickling comedy, all wrapped up in just the right doses and the right amount of panache.

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