AK Lit Fest 2019

Doors fling wide open for everyone, from the passer-by on the street to the well-versed book lover, to share in the irreplaceable joy and love for all things literary. The Sri Lankan literary festival titled ‘Annasi and Kandalagotu Festival’ is baptized as such for its heartfelt welcome to local creative minds from every part of the country. An invitation to collectively discover, explore and inspire in the art of writing, the way to read and learn about Sri Lankan culture and the ways of the people. Back after popular demand for its 2019 edition, the Festival will see some of the most distinguished authors, poets and literary figures grace the halls of the ‘Mount Lavinia Hotel’. Meet and greet your literary icon or wonder off to the stacks of books piled high, diverse in genre and sort. Take home a brand new adventure and widen that book closet of yours. This year, the Festival marks its biggest and most anticipated literary line-up yet.

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Oct 20, 2019


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LKR 100

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