Acoustic Saturday : The Storyteller

A monthly communal gathering of music enthuses, artists and musicians; ‘Acoustic Saturday : The Storyteller’ strums out the best of homegrown music, a promise of metal and rock bred and evolved on local streets. Settle back for a showcase of talent on a Saturday eve, set in perfect backdrop whilst you tuck into a scrumptious bite or two at the ‘Ex Servicemen’s Club’.

This musical session hosted by the ‘Suriya Brothers’ will see bands senior and young play out some of their latest and greatest, the classics and the all new, packed into an enthralling evening of music. Performing live will be the artists Indrachapa Liyanage, Yohani Saarah Jacob, Anuki Dayara, Shashyani De Silva and the bands ‘Stigmata’, ‘Senkadagala’, ‘THE ODYSSEY’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Ascendant’.

As musical origin stories unravel, get the inside scoop on music moguls, from their inception to their field status as of now. Raw, stripped, authentic heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll and rock springs to life, a showcase of local originality and sheer talent; make your way over to the streets of Colombo 1.

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