A Concert for Prithipura - Two Piano Recital

Music birthed, in its most brilliant and powerful form yet. This concert will see 2 of Sri Lanka’s distinguished Pianists Ramya Perera and Soundarie David Rodrigo, turn to the spellbinding power of acoustic music, to help uplift and enrich the spirits of the disabled at the ‘CFS Prithipura Home’. Performing alongside the veterans will be the Guest Artist Drummer Kala Keerthi Ravibandhu Vidyapathy. Settle into comfort holds as some of the most loved and legendary pieces in musical history fill the air, artfully played with each Pianist’s signature twist and turn. Indulge in recreations of musical pieces by a line-up of composers, from Mozart to David Brubeck and delightful Waltz numbers from the Disney movies. All proceeds will be donated to the ‘CFS Prithipura Home’. Join in, help bring a smile to those in need.

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