2019/20 Season Opening Concert

The opening concert of the ‘Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo’s’ 2019/20 musical season is just what it promises: an eve of musical grandeur reflecting the sheer artistic brilliance of noted figures in musical history, then and now. Kicking off a series of new, raw artistic contributions which will make their way to the stage in due time, the concert will see performers, budding and veteran, recreate the works of distinguished composers and honour the victims of the Easter Sunday occurrences through a captivating piece of music.

Should you be an appreciator of the collective strum, make your way over to the holds of the ‘Elphinstone Theatre’ and indulge yourself.

Why You Should Go

Delivering the concert fanfare will be Sachiththa Fernando while the orchestra of the ‘Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo’ takes on the only opera perfected at the hands of Ludwig Van Beethoven: ‘Fidelio’ also known as ‘Leonore Overture No. 3’, a piece renowned for its dramatic essence and the musical grandeur with which it’s delivered. A recreation of the last movement of ‘Symphony No. 3’, originally birthed by the composer Gustav Mahler and once critiqued as “perhaps the greatest Adagio written since Beethoven”, enthralls. Stepping into the line-up will additionally be Harsha Makalande with his score ‘Svarasanga Vannama’ and as Concert Pianist. ‘Elegy for Strings’ courtesy of Lalanath De Silva plays out as music’s voice of mourning, in remembrance of those who are no longer with us, following the Easter Sunday attacks.

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