About Us

Here’s your invite to know Sri Lanka, the tropical island paradise we call home. Consider us your virtual Tour Guide, the eyes and ears, to what’s hot and happening. Places to explore, adventures to seek, treasures to unearth, spectacular sights to see, events to enjoy, festivals and gastronomical feasts to revel and indulge in… just to name a few.

An exquisite and rare gem immersed amidst the jewel toned waters of the Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka offers a unique, enchanting and enthralling island experience. A treasure trove waiting to be discovered and explored. Join us on a path of exciting discovery as we keep you posted on everything you need to know and do, the Where, What, When, Who, and Why answered as you plan your itinerary.

An island of smiles. Wherever your travels may take you, always know we will welcome you with a warm Sri Lankan smile and the enveloping embrace of renowned island hospitality; that in itself will compel you to return to our inviting shores time and time again.

A multifaceted climate that spans from hot tropical sun drenched beaches to cool crisp misty mountain ranges. Rains that lightly fall replenishing the earth, to heavy downpours that leave you drenched. This is island life, unpredictable in its magnificence and moods. Yet, we assure you, when you leave these shores it will be with an enviable sun kissed skin.

Live and Love the Life and Soul of an Island Paradise. Meander along vivid and varied terrain or meditate in serene, secluded temples perched on mountaintops, Hike up mountain trails and sit atop the dizzying heights of man-made wonders. Journey through breathtaking landscapes where rugged mountains reach dramatically for the sky while their rainforest-clad slopes sweep down to endless open plains, teeming with intriguing flora and fauna and wind swept highland hideaways roll down to warm, sandy beaches and rich, humid mangroves.

Soak up the tropical sun, surf, adventure with whales and dolphins and witness majestic elephants in the wild. Sip a perfect blend surrounded by terraced luscious tea gardens and take in the invigorating aromas of spices and herbs, and try your hand traditional crafts. Get up close and personal with an island in all its pristine beauty, a rare and radiant jewel waiting to be discovered.

Pack Your Bag. It’s time for an island adventure!